.: What participants have said about Hollee :.

Everything was perfect! I can’t wait to use this stuff in my child care!

All the ideas.  Wow. I learned so much, even after all my years of daycare.

Fun and exciting, lots of info

Loved her spunkiness and ideas, loved the interaction with the class

You are so passionate about working with children and helping others! Thanks.

Lots of ideas- very experienced

You go girl! You're doing great!

Do a 2nd part! I want to learn more from you.

You are so informative and a great trainer!

You couldn't get any better...she was very knowledgeable.

Learning about different things to make daycare better

How knowledgeable you were on this class!

It was easy to listen to Hollee.

I loved getting resource ideas and new ideas for my daycare day.

You are a natural trainer!

This training was perfect as is. 

Great ideas and resources

Very organized

I can't wait to go to work tomorrow.

I loved all the ideas!

Where do you find time to do such wonderful things?

My favorite workshop

She had good information to use. Loved the information she shared on licensing.

Loved the method of presentation -- video and visuals, actual photos and personal experience

Very organized, structured, easy to understand. Pleasant presenter J Excellent!

I can’t wait to work on Monday!

It couldn't have been any better. I love the presenter.

Very motivational

This training really gets us motivated to go home and tackle our home. I so very needed this training. Thank you!

I thought it was wonderful. Loved the instructor! She's quite funny and energetic.

Wonderful ideas, wonderful class!

I would take another class by this instructor--learned a lot!

Lots of great and wonderful ideas

I've been in daycare for 15 years, but I feel I learned so much from this training!

I wish the training could have lasted for twice as long...everything was wonderful.

I loved the CDs...thank you for such wonderful information and resources.

Very informational...loved the fun music!

Trainer was so much fun!

This was one of the best trainings I've taken in my 22 years of child care!

All the great ideas refreshed my brain and I look forward to work.

Lots of practical, new, and interesting ideas that I can use right away. Loved the presenter.

I appreciate all the added tips she put in.

Great ideas. Thanks for all info & CD. Lots of new ideas. 

Thanks for taking the time to complete an evaluation to help me improve the quality and effectiveness of my trainings!